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October is Mystery Month #StreamTeam

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October is one of my favourite months. For us Canadians, we get 2 holidays with both Thanksgiving and Halloween occurring in October, and the cool weather means a return to comfort food – stews and soups and casseroles, oh my!

With the days getting shorter and often rainier, I’m always looking for fun new ways to entertain my munchkins, so I decided to try my hand at an old favourite activity of mine – invisible ink! My 6-year-old being the drama queen that she is, always loves a bit of mystery so she was really excited to try her hand at this project.

Invisible Ink is a fun and easy project to do, although with the necessary heat involved, I would recommend it for older children. While there are many different ingredients you can use, we chose milk as it was what we had on hand. Follow these simple steps to try this mysterious craft for yourself!

Invisible Ink Instructions on Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play Netflix #StreamTeam

It took Adri a few times to get the hang of how to go over her design several times to make the paper wet enough, and without being able to really see her drawing well, she quickly moved from one paper to the next. Once she had had her fill of drawing, we had to wait for the paper to dry. Wait, and wait, and wait. It took about 45 minutes before the papers were fully dry and ready to be heated. We first tried the lightbulb method, but most energy efficient bulb, like the ones in our house, do not get hot enough to reveal our message. Instead, we heated the oven to 350 degrees, and sat back to watch the show.

Invisible Ink Collage
Adri drew her picture, we tried and failed with the lightbulb heating method before moving on to heating in the oven. Finally our revealed message (copied from Mommy).


All in all, it was a fun and mysterious project to do on a rainy day. We kept with the mysterious theme in the 45 minutes we had to kill (pun fully intended) while waiting for our drawings to dry by checking out some of the spooky options up on Netflix throughout this mystery month.

Eight Mystery-Themed Titles on Netflix to Share With Your Kids

Big Kids

1. Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated
2. House of Anubis
3. Black Hole High
4. Spy Kids: All The Time in the World

Little Kids

1. Blue’s Clues
2. Busytown Mysteries
3. Inspector Gadget’s Biggest Caper Ever
4. I Spy

Tell me, how are you bringing a little mystery to your month? 


Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks for sharing all my family’s favourites with you, dear reader. I was not financially compensated for this post. 

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