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#GoodFriendsFriday Linky Party #6

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#GoodFriendsFriday Linky Party

#GoodFriendsFriday Linky Party

Wow, where did the week go? I swear it was just yesterday that I was writing the last #GoodFriendsFriday Linky Party in the wee hours before Leading Moms. Then I blinked and it’s Friday again! Is September as busy for you guys? 

I must say, I’m so inspired by the posts you share with me each week. I add all the projects and recipes to my never ending to-do list – eventually I will get there! In the meantime, here are some of my favourites from last week. 

What to read, and not to read, Book Reviews via Devastate Boredom

I am an avid bibliophile, and am always on the hunt for a good read so I really appreciated this list of books. Surprisingly, I haven’t read a single one – I look forward to diving in! I must admit that the traditionalist in my is constantly at war with my desire for reducing clutter. I really don’t love e-books, particularly because they don’t make great bath time reading companions, but I am sick of drowning in stacks and boxes of books. What’s a girl to do? 


Can I just start this off by saying how much I LOVE the branding on My Urban Family? It’s so crisp, clean, modern and instantly recognizable! That aside, I am always planning our next road trip in my head. It’s been 7 years since the last one, so we’re long over due. I think St. Paul would be a great destination and this post would be a great tool to get us there! 

French Foot Stool

I am always drawn to all things french and this gorgeous stool is no exception! The fact that it’s a simple DIY is icing on the cake. You have to click through to another post to find the instructions, but it’s worth it! 

Now back to you and your fab posts this week. Can’t wait to get reading! 


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  1. Awwww thanks for the feature!! 🙂 Let me know what you think of any you do read!!

    And I totally have the same battle all the time… don’t love ebooks… don’t love clutter… CONFLICTED!!

  2. Thank you so much – especially for the complement about the design! Web design is my favorite thing to freelance, so it’s been fun having another area to design as well 🙂 Hope you’re having a good weekend!

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