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dismembered lego

Lego-mania is in full swing at our house. Legoland is no longer just another amusement park that we haven’t visited. With 2 young kids, Legoland is what our house turns into every morning, most evenings and on some extremely lazy busy occasions, for days at a time!  

Lego mornings

In fairness, I should have seen this coming. My husband, who still hasn’t forgiven me 8 years later for skipping a Legoland visit on our West Coast road trip (due to the high creep factor of a grown, then-childless man visiting the place alone), is obviously completely Lego obsessed. He still has a big Rubbermaid tub full of all his Lego from then he was a kid. He still gets Lego kits in his stocking every year from Santa. Whether you’re on the nature or nurture side of the debate, there was no getting around the fact that at least one of our kids would inherit the Lego obsession. The fact that both of our girls have really doesn’t matter to me, aside from the times I impale my poor feet on the stray pieces left scattered across the floor. 

dismembered lego
Bizarrely, we have a plethora of dismembered Lego people

Their Lego-mania extends beyond those addictive little blocks and into their television viewing as well, so they’re so happy that Netflix has a great range of Lego shows!

Lego Shows Streaming on Netflix

Lego shows on netflix: Lego Friends

Lego Friends: The Power of Friendship

Lego Shows on Netflix: Bionicle

Lego Bionicle: The Journey to One 

lego shows on netflix: DC Comics

Lego DC Comics

Lego shows on Netflix: Elves

Lego Elves

Lego shows on netflix: Lego city

Lego City

These are only 5 of over 14 different Lego titles currently streaming on Netflix. That’s more than enough for even the most diehard Lego fans! 

Which Lego show is the favourite in your house? 

Disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks for sharing all family’s top picks with my fave readers. I was not financially compensated for this post. See full disclosure here

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