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Siblings Who Netflix Together, Stay Together

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You know what they say about siblings – that they’re the only enemy you can’t live without! Now my girls aren’t that bad (yet), but when you’ve got kids with a bit of an age gap (mine are almost 4 1/2 years apart), deciding what show they both want to watch, or making a choice on Family Movie Night that everyone is happy with can be tricky.

Thankfully Netflix has come to the rescue with a movie playlist that your kids can enjoy, no matter the age difference. While we definitely don’t recommend turning family movie night into a family movie marathon, this movie playlist will keep the bickering at bay for at least a few weeks!

Netflix Movie Playlist: A Tale of Two Distant Ages

Movie Night How to train your dragon on Netflix

#1. How To Train Your Dragon 2

Fuller House

#2. Fuller House

Movie Night Home on Netflix

#3. Home

Netflix Movie Playlist - Antz

#4. Antz

Netflix Movie Playlist - Scooby-Doo-movies

#5. Scooby Doo

Netflix Movie Playlist - richie-rich-2015-dreamworks

#6. Richie Rich


#7. Holes 

So now that Netflix has my kids sharing the remote with pleasure, if they could only solve all my other parenting woes and find the solution to them sharing their room, their toys, their snacks, their parents EVERYTHING ELSE, we’ll be golden! 

Are your favourite movies on this list? Comment below or share on Facebook what you would put on your Netflix Movie Playlist for the siblings in your family.  


All on the table disclaimer: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks for sharing all family’s top picks with my fave readers. I was not financially compensated for this post. See full disclosure here

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