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The Farmer In The Dell & Where Food Comes From

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Our kids sing along with “The Farmer In The Dell” to learn about farm animals and life in the country. They memorize the words and make the animal noises joyfully. In the midst of all this learning, there is a crucial connecting piece to bring relevance from their day to day lives to the words they are singing. That lesson relates to: just where does our food come from? 

An important lesson in this is the connection between farmers and the food supply that we enjoy in our local grocery stores. When we take them in the shopping cart up and down the aisle, surveying cuts of meat and pulling jugs of milk from coolers in the Dairy section, it is important for them to understand from where this bounty originated. It doesn’t just come from the semi truck, unloaded by grocers and processed for sale. It comes from the farm, from “The Farmer In The Dell.”

Canadian Dairy

It isn’t just a song, it’s a way of life. It’s a commitment to hard work, to the earth and to the people nourished by the yields of the family farm. It isn’t just the past, it’s our present and our future. We don’t talk enough about farming as a legitimate career choice. The role of the farmer is nurturer, planner, entrepreneur, manager and visionary. It’s an old profession, but as long as people need food to eat, it is a relevant one.

That’s why behind every one of Agropur’s Canadian Dairy products is a cooperative of passionate and committed dairy producers. These folks are the lifeblood of our food supply and our healthy community. They are the faces behind every glass of milk and slice of cheese and the work of their hands fills our fridges – the hands of the Farmer in the Dell and all his (or her) friends. 

Portrait Of a Canadian Dairy Farmer In Field With Cattle


All on the table disclosure: You can find Agropur on Facebook and Twitter. This message was sponsored by our friends at Agropur, but I think this is important information to share with your kids. Read our full disclosure here.

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