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Do you remember your favourite teacher from school? What made them special? With back to school season just around the corner, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the teachers of Netflix, memorable for a variety of reasons. Which is your favourite Netflix teacher? 


Katherine Ann Watson – Mona Lisa Smile 

Ms. Watson taught her young, idealistic students about art and life. Her progressive point of view was not exactly welcomed by the conservative college where she was teaching, but she was able to stay long enough to make an impression. Inspiring, graceful and humorous, this character is both timeless and endearing.  

Miss Frizzle – Magic School Bus

Always quick with a joke or a lesson, Miss Frizzle is arguably the most memorable and beloved animated teacher on Netflix. She is an endless source of imagination, creativity and knowledge. Warm and funny, she makes learning (and watching!) enjoyable for kids of all ages (and even some of us grownups.) 

Professor Gerald Lambeau – Good Will Hunting

Professor Lambeau, as lovingly captured by the warm spirit of Robin Williams, helps a janitor learn to harness his exceptional mathematical skills and imparts some life lessons along the way. The professor helps him navigate challenges and reach his potential. 

Walter White – Breaking Bad 

When this high school science teacher, Walter White, got cancer he turned to a  life of meth cooking and sales. He collaborated in his criminal activities with one of his students, which is likely not the type of lasting impression he intended to leave on his charges. Initially sympathetic, this character becomes memorable in how scary he is. 

The new school year brings new teachers into our lives, but Netflix brings new teachers in year round in movies and shows that a make you laugh, cry and think! Which is your favourite Netflix teacher? 

Disclosure: I am on the Netflix StreamTeam and they provide incentives to share our viewing habits with my readers, however all opinions are my own. 

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