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DIY Kitchen Command Centre

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We’re so excited to be in the new house, and we just tackled our first step in the renos. The kitchen was previously a terracotta and sunflower mix, and we decided on lemon ricotta and nightfall blue combo for most of the main floor. We started in the kitchen because the girls had started school and I was desperate to get us organized. I’d been pinning various Kitchen Command Centres, and was keen to get working on a DIY Kitchen Command Centre of my own. 

DIY Kitchen Command Centre Before and After

5 Steps to Make Your Own DIY Kitchen Command Centre

  1. Decide the features that are most important. For us, we needed a cork board for various artwork, birthday invitations, and paperwork from school, a calendar, and a daily schedule to help keep the kids on track before and after school. We added extra fun touches including clocks that show both Vancouver and Halifax time and a V for our surname.  
  2. Paint the wall. If you’re wanting to change colours, now is the time to do it! We used Latex paint with an eggshell finish for both the lemon ricotta and nightfall blue colours. 
  3. Plan out placement. Before you put a single hole in the wall, make sure you know where you want everything to go! You can eyeball it if you’re more easygoing, but I recommend cutting out paper shapes in the size of each item and arrange them on the wall ahead of time. 
  4. How to hang. An important decision will be how you attach each item to the wall. Some of that will be dictated by the items you buy – they will often come with the hooks or adhesive needed, but you do have many options. Depending on the weight of each item you can use a traditional screw and anchor set up, something that makes a smaller hole like a nail or monkey hook, or non-puncturing items like command hooks or magnets. We ended up using a mixture of all of the above! 
  5. Hang with pride. Starting from the top (or for us the centre as we had a chair rail as our guide), hang each item, ensuring that it is completely level. Step back and enjoy your handiwork, while wondering if you can ever get the kids in the habit of using it on a regular basis!

One of the key pieces in our DIY Kitchen Command Centre was the daily schedules for the kids. Whether or not you are a morning person (I am most definitely NOT), all parents want to help their kids take steps of independence every day. For our family, getting ready for school was a big part of that. When I was introduced to Easy Daysies, I fell in love. I knew it would be the perfect thing for my girls, and really go a long way to making our mornings smoother. We got the “My Day for Preschool Kids” for my 5-year-old, and the “My Day for School-Aged Kids” for my 9-year-old. Best of all, they come with both English and French options – a big help for both my girls who are in French Immersion school. 

DIY Kitchen Command Centre Easy Daysies

I am so pleased with how our DIY Kitchen Command Centre turned out – definitely not a Pinterest fail. The girls have been really good at using it on a regular basis too, which is a huge win for me!


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  1. Heather, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your family command centre! Beautiful and awesome article Heather! I am just so honoured that Easy Daysies is a part of your family’s life! Hugs and a heart full of appreciation, Elaine

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