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*GIVEAWAY* Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp from M Acadamy

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M Acadamy's Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp

For the last month, we have been hit over the head repeatedly with message after message about enrolling our kids in day camp. There are a million and one day camps out there now, literally anything you can imagine is a day camp for kids. Music. Cooking. Circus. Parkour. Swordfighting (I kid you not). Marketing. Hey now…….that sounds like something I can get behind! Its about time there was a day camp for grown ups! From the brilliant minds that brought you MWorkLab comes M Acadamy and their awesome line up of workshops and day camps. We are especially excited about the upcoming Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp!

Covering everything from social media to alternate revenue streams to fresh and exciting marketing ideas, you will walk in with your laptop and a business idea, and walk out with a 6 month marketing plan, a handful of new connections, a head full of inspiration and a belly full of yummy lunch and refreshments (yes that’s all included)! If that wasn’t enough, M Acadamy students have access to community partners, discounts and other great perks.

Guy Kawasaki (Apple Co-Founder) said “If you have more money than brains you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing {and M Acadamy’s Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp}”. Ok, I may have taken some creative license with that last bit, but the sentiment is true. So let’s roll up our sleeves, set some goals, make some money and learn how to give our businesses the marketing jump start they need! M Acadamy’s Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp is competitively priced at $97 for the entire 6 hour program, lunch and refreshments, wifi and parking – the works! And because we know you love giveaways, one lucky reader will join me for free, so we can kick ass together.

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  1. Hi! I help moms maximize their health, eat for energy and lose weight. My biggest marketing question is how to get the most out of social media without spending the most of my time on it. Thanks!

    1. Welcome, and awesome question! I know the social media portion of the Kick Ass Marketing Day Camp would be just the right thing to help you out with that. Hope to see you there!!

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