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Like many other parts of my body, I have had a love/hate relationship with my skin. I loath my big pores and redness, and am endlessly frustrated with dry patches that flake and oily patches that break out, all at the same time! I’ve tried product after product in a fruitless search for “the one” with little success. To complicate matters, we are in the process of detoxifying our household, and that includes my personal care routine.

Serendipity was on my side as I finished up yet another disappointing sample, when I was given the opportunity to test and review Golden Naturals, a carcinogen-free, anti-ageing, natural skincare line. The locally owned and made Pristine line is a fine blend of anti-aging natural and organic ingredients that help nourish and replenish the skin, without causing any side effects or damage to your health. Marinella Nicolosi, the Chartered Herbalist, Face Specialist Esthetician (specializing in advanced noninvasive natural esthetic treatments) took the time to do a consultation with me, before recommending which products would best suit my skin type and problem areas. She also outlined the routine I should follow for maximum results. This was a particularly beneficial step for me as in the past – in an effort to banish the flakes – I would exfoliate every other day, and use a facecloth to scrub away the dead skin when I cleansed each morning. Marinella recommended giving my poor skin a break and washing just using my fingertips, and exfoliating once a week. I will admit I was skeptical!

When the little box arrived on my doorstep a few days later, I was anxious to dive in! I unpackaged everything and lined it up on my sink like my own personal skin care army. After wetting my face with warm water, I started with the exfoliator (another thing I had been doing wrong, previously I always cleansed first). It was very gentle, and smelled gorgeous! Cleanser, toner and moisturizer all followed and then I leaned in for my close up. No word of a lie, my skin glowed. That amazing, serene, ‘from-deep-inside’ glow that I was promised during pregnancy but never materialized was radiating back at me in the mirror. I was amazed! As I continued on with my very light make up routine, I noticed that I still had some dry, flaky patches, and was disappointed but not surprised. I had never found a product that had banished them. I was so happy with the glow though, that I was determine to stick with the test and see how it went. I am thrilled to report that after about a week of following my new routine, not only did my awesome glow shine on each week when I exfoliated, but the flakes disappeared! My skin simply needed some time to adjust to the new routine and – 6 weeks in –  has been happily moisturized ever since.

I would highly recommend these products to anyone looking to not only green up their beauty routine, but discover great skin all at the same time! Luckily, all my awesome readers can do this for less! Click Here before Friday, May 23rd and pick your own favourites then enter promo code GOLDEN-1HVM for a 10% discount!

You can bet that as the countdown to the big 3-0 gets closer to single digits, I will be heavily investing in their amazing age-defying products!

All on the table disclaimer: While I did receive free or discounted products/services, all opinions are completely honest and totally my own and you know I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with all my fave readers.


  1. Sounds like a great product! I’m past that 3-0 milestone now, so I could definitely use an age-defying skin care line.

  2. Sounds like we have the same skin type. Thanks for posting this review. I’ll keep this product in mind next time I need a change.

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