*GIVEAWAY* Let’s Get Creativ

Before we had children, my husband and I (both musicians of varying ability) imagined our house to be full of music with instruments tucked in every corner and moments where we randomly burst into song with impeccable harmony à la the von Trapps. Fast forward 8 years later where 2 young children and 2 opposite work schedules mean that this musical fantasy has never become a reality. That’s why I was so excited when I was introduced to Creativ Music Centre.  

Creativ Music Centre man playing piano

There are several places to take music lessons in North Vancouver, but there were a few things that made Creativ Music Centre stand out for me. Most importantly was the sense of community that I noticed the moment I stepped in the door. From the in-house concerts and live performance sessions to the group  choirs and impromptu vocal booth recording sessions shared on YouTube, they really encourage, support, build up and showcase all of the artists of all different ability levels. Additionally, I was impressed by the professional level of the facilities and the wide array of services they offer. Creativ Music Centre is about so much more than music lessons (as fantastic as they are). They offer Pop Star Parties, Glee Camps, Songwriting programs, professional recording and multimedia services and so much more. They really are a one stop shop for every music lover. 

When I asked my 6-year-old what kind of instrument she’d like to learn, her immediate response was “Trumpet”! After we talked about how that might not be the best choice of beginner lessons, she decided on piano, and could not wait for her first lesson. I loved that Creativ offers a JumpStart package for beginners who aren’t quite sure what instrument will be best suited to them, and parents who know how quickly kids change their minds! As they put it “JumpStart is a unique “get started” ,  “test the waters”,  “polish some skills”, “learn a new song” program at Creativ.  The JumpStart program consists of 6 weeks of 30 minutes lessons  PLUS the free use of an instrument during the JumpStart program.  We offer, voice, piano, guitar and drum lessons in this program all for a budget conscious price of $149.00″. 

Creativ Music Centre - Girl singing

To be honest, I was unsure if a centre of such professional calibre would be appropriate for my 6-year-old who had never taken a single lesson before. After all, teaching young children requires much different skills that teaching older kids, teenagers and adults. My concern was completely unfounded. Adri’s piano teacher was lovely. She was very enthusiastic and encouraging, and the lessons were the perfect mix of practical and theoretical components that kept Adri engaged and learning the entire time. I was amazed at how much she learned in 6 weeks, including positioning on the keyboard, basic notation, tempo and rhythm among other things. 

Adri's Piano Lesson at Creativ Music Centre

Adri loved her piano lessons!

I’m so excited to be able to share with all my readers how fantastic Creativ Music Centre is, and all that they have to offer, with this giveaway. Creativ has generously offered their JumpStart package to one lucky winner! Enter below for your chance to win this awesome prize, and while you’re at it, be sure to check out all Creativ has to offer! 

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All on the table disclaimer: While I was compensated for this post, all opinions are completely honest and totally my own and you know I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with all my fave readers.

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