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Remembering to Pursue Play

Heather van Mil10 comments

When I started blogging almost 5 years ago, I chose my blog name because my life revolved around teaching children fine and gross motor development, language and social skills, plus so much more – all through play. 

Since then, life has changed. My work is different, my kids are older, and I find myself wondering what Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play means to me in this new phase. 

In the middle of my pondering, life has taken a sharp turn. My husband was offered a position in Halifax, Canada, and we are now in the process of packing up our bags, selling 99% of our possessions and at the end of March, we’re trading the West Coast for the East. 

Is it scary? Yes. Is it stressful? You bet! Is it heartbreaking? More than I could have ever expected. Is it exciting? 


All of a sudden my husband and I find ourselves dreaming again. The rat race we have been running (and not keeping up with), has been traded for finding a dream house that we can actually afford (something not possible in Vancouver’s market). We are dreaming of exploring the East Coast; the amazing music and food we will discover. We are dreaming with our kids, how they want to decorate their rooms, and what animals we should adopt. 

We are pursuing play again. 

I am excited to share this new stage of my blogging life with you all! In my millions of google searches on moving across Canada, there is a serious lack of resources. I plan on changing that. I’m excited to share Halifax and beyond with everyone – we can discover together! 

So let me know – have you done a big move? Do you have any resources or suggestions? Are you contemplating a big move yourself and have questions you want me to answer? And help me fill my bucket list! Tell me where your favourite East Coast spots are, or where you’ve always wanted to go. I’ll trek along, camera and kids in tow, and we can discover together!

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