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Tuesday is the new Monday

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This. Everyday.
This. Everyday.

I hate Tuesdays. On a typical Tuesday I usually am lucky if I have coffee to drink, forget about milk and sugar. Or solid food. On a Tuesday I am scrounging the depths of the fridge for my daughters lunch. Today, for example, she took the last hard boiled egg, the last 4 cucumber sticks, about 10 stale rice crackers with the last few pieces of cheese and a leftover pack of seaweed for lunch. I wish I had a photo of it. Our Spud grocery delivery comes on Tuesdays, but typically around 5pm. So Tuesday mornings suck.

Tuesday is also hump day in my hubby’s 4 night work week and it seems like the longest one for both of us for some reason. By the end of Tuesday I have had it, and I’ve still got 2 more days and night to get through. Compounding this is the fact that my youngest daughter HATES sleep, so I’ve been up every 45 minutes with her by myself for 2 nights, and still have 2 more to haul through. Ugh.

As Murphy’s law would have it, Tuesday when my workweek kicks into high gear so there are often a lot of calls, emails, texts and such as people are getting into the swing of things and have questions about executing the plan for the week. This does not jive with hubby’s work week being half over and always manages to mess up my head and body clock. Hopefully this dichotomy will last only until I have my childcare situation sorted out, which will be any day now. Really. Any day.

Tuesday is also library day at my daughter’s school. It sounds like such a ridiculously simple, small little thing, but in reality it means that we spend most of the morning looking for the library book that she brought home LAST Tuesday and are, as usual, late for school drop off.

Have I mentioned that I hate Tuesdays?

Which day of the week do you dread??


  1. Oh me oh my – the lack of sleep really makes any day a friggin horror show, yes? I hope for Christmas your little one discovers the joys of rest. In the meantime I’ll email you some sleep links. PS – your other daughter’s lunch sounds actually pretty delicious. I used to leave the house with a froot roll up and juice box. šŸ™‚

  2. Ugh! I go grocery shopping on Friday’s so our Thursday dinner is often what you describe- hunting around in the fridge and googling random food combinations (“chicken peanut butter recipe”… actually, that comes up with some pretty good stuff :)).

    Sending you a fist pump in solidarity!

  3. It’s not so much a day for me right now. It’s any task that we need to get done. Bum changes- awful. Getting dressed- full out brawl. Staying seated for meal/snack time- torturous. Any other time of day seems wonderful and fun filled. But give my little guy a “must-do” situation, and you’re rolling the dice on a potential meltdown.

  4. Tuesday does not sound like a fun day in house! I don’t have one of those specific days, but definitely moments all throughout the week.

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