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Back to School with Netflix

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Ever After High in French on Netflix

I know many of you are already sick of being bombarded with Back to School messages, but I for one am so excited to get my normal life and routine back! One thing that was never lost over the summer however was learning. As my daughter is in French Immersion, we like to continue as much French as we can throughout the summer so that September isn’t such an adjustment. I had planned out lots of activities, workbooks and apps to assist with this learning, but one thing I had never considered to include was Netflix. Imagine my surprise when most of my 6 year old’s favourite shows could be switched into French dubbing! 

We made a rule that any weekday TV (aka Mommy’s trying to get work done time), had to be in French. Her go-to faves include: 

      1. Mia and Me,

Mia and Me in French on Netflix


     2.  Monster High

Monster High in French on Netflix


      3. How to Train Your Dragon; Legends 

Lions and Tigers and Dragons, Oh My!


       4. Ever After HighEver After High in French on Netflix


It isn’t just my 6 year old that’s learning. Her 2 year old sister loves to watch the French shows as well, and has many other learning opportunities with more age appropriate shows like 

       1. Word World

Learning with Word World on Netflix


       2. Curious George 

Learning with Curious George on Netflix


      3.  Puppy Party

Learning with Puppy Party on Netflix



I feel good knowing my daughter is going back to school having continued to be immersed in French learning, thanks to Netflix!

Tell me, what shows teach your kids the most on Netflix?

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