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Celery Roses

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Grey and rainy days call for fun activities that can be enjoyed inside! You only need 3 things for this simple craft, all of which you already probably have. You can try this with a variety of fruits and veggies (apples and potatoes are classic choices) to make different paint prints. We used celery because it looks like a rose when you cut the stalks from the base and dip it in paint. After you’re finished painting with celery, you can cut off the parts with paint and re- grow celery in a dish of water for an indoor garden project (perfect to teach your kids about plants and gardening as we head into Spring).


Tempura or other washable paint


Celery base or slices of other fruit/ veggies

Dish for paint


1. Slice your celery base and pat on a piece of paper towel to remove any residual moisture and dirt

2. Dip the celery in the paint (less is better if you want it to look like roses)

3. Press down on the paper & voila!

4. With older kids, it’s fun to stamp the celery in a pattern- if you use nice quality paper this would make pretty DIY wrapping paper!

painting with celery

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Fun Facts About Celery:

– it’s made mostly of water

– you can regrow it from kitchen scraps (just pop in some water!)

– there is a town named after it- Celeryville, Ohio, which was founded by celery farmers in the 19th century

-it’s a favourite snack of zoo gorillas, second to only (guess what?) bananas!

-it’s both tasty and really good for you! Celery has a lot of health benefits

Another fun activity to try with celery

Instead of using the base of the celery for stamping, use a stalk of celery dipped in paint to stamp fish scales (stamp sideways) or ocean waves (stamp it so the stalk looks like a ‘u’  not an ‘n’)















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