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Spring Flowers DIY

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Have you noticed all of the beautiful spring flowers that are in bloom? They seemed to have an early wake up call this year, but now that it’s officially Spring, I thought what better way to kick off the season than with a fun activity to help your kids learn about nature.

All you need are some bulbs (or buy a potted plant that’s already sprouted) and a few other materials you’ve probably got at home. There’s nothing like getting some dirt on your hands to really connect with nature! See below for everything you needs and the simple steps. Happy Spring everyone! 

Spring Flowers DIY Instructions



  • terracotta pot
  • chalk paint (acrylic paint would also work)
  • plant bulb or small potted plant
  • potting soil


  1. Start by painting the pot- this is a fun extra step, and would make this a sweet gift for Easter, Mother’s Day, etc. Set aside and allow to dry.
  2. Once the paint is dry, scoop in some dirt and pop in your plant or bulb. If you’re not using a plant that’s already growing, it can be fun to watch the plant grow and is a fun way to teach your kids about how plants grow. They’ll also take pride in having a green thumb!
  3. Top off with some extra dirt and give a light water. Place somewhere sunny to encourage the plant to grow. For older kids, you could even keep a plant journal to write down how much the plant grows every few days (include info such as how tall, new leaves, flower popping, etc).
  4. Optional: When the plant matures, transplant it into your garden and encourage your kids to care for it over the Spring and Summer. 

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