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From One Mom to Another this Mother’s Day (and everyday)

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and it’s a time to celebrate everything that Moms do everyday. As Moms we know what we do, from the smallest acts of duty- wiping faces, filling cups, stocking bags with snacks- to the larger acts of love- pulling our tired selves from bed before the sun rises to drive kids to activities, running to appointments, helping with homework, kissing cuts and scrapes better- the list of what a Mom does endless. If it was a resume it would be hard to narrow down everything we do to just a few short bullets. Sometimes it can be hard to feel appreciated for all that we do, everything we juggle, and it can take another Mom to acknowledge the little details that may go unnoticed by others.

So to show our mutual love and appreciation for this journey we’re on, and give each other a pat on the back, this post is dedicated to all you Moms (and Grandmas, Aunts, and special ladies who give of themselves everyday to those they love). Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful ladies out there, may your day be full of love.

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To Moms everywhere-

I see the love you have as you go about your day. In the menial tasks that require attention- the socks that mysteriously disappear in the wash and for which a mate must be located, the trail of toys and crumbs that are cleaned up, only to have the process repeat again and again until the day is through- and in the smile you give regardless of how tired you may feel, a sign of your unconditional affection. 

I see the strength you have in the time outs you put your children in, the exhausting battle to keep them out of trouble and safe, in the saying ‘no’ when your child asks for something over and over again or challenges boundaries you set. In those moments that tug on your heartstrings and you just want to give in and say yes, but remain strong and diligent, trying your best to shape these little beings to the best of your abilities, I see your heart break a little, but you are not alone. I see how hard these moments can be for you, but remember that you are doing an amazing job during the tough times as well as when things are good.

I see the joy the laughs and smiles, hugs and kisses from your children bring you. Priceless gifts that we hold within our hearts, clinging to the warmth they bring to us when we are tired, hurting or sad. Our children bring a special joy into our lives no- one else can. It’s a heartbreaking love that can sting in moments when they become more independent, turn away when we lean in to kiss their cheek, or when they want to spend time with friends instead of us. But we are united in our love, our special roles as Mothers. No- one else can take our place, an exhausting role at times, but the most rewarding one, full of joys and pride.

I see your self- reflection, the fragile person that you don’t want others to see, the insecurities and doubts that form. Remembering life before kids, wondering where that woman went on days when you give of yourself until there is nothing left, then dig a little deeper when we must push through. How your life and love for your partner has evolved and changed, encompassing all that comes with having a family and the sacrifices you both make. There are days when it is hard to do what you must as a parent in place of doing something you’d like to do, putting yourself and your needs after those of your family. You are not alone and you deserve to put yourself first sometimes without feeling guilty or judged or like you’re not trying hard enough. You’re doing your best, even when it’s not as good as you’d like, as perfect as you’d hoped. All that matters is that you push through the doubts and remember all of the good that you do. Forget the things that didn’t get done, the tasks on the to- do list that remain for another day- or month, or year- and focus on all that you have accomplished, all the love you have given, the joy you have brought to others.

To you, my friend, I see you for all that you are and all that you do. You are amazing, and don’t ever forget it.




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