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How to Get Feet Summer Ready NOW!

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I don’t know if you can relate, but I look at winter as an opportunity to hibernate from most pampering and grooming obligations rituals. With a never ending to-do list, I jump at any chance to relegate an entry or two to the “to-do-again-in-6-months” side for a while. Since the weather has been warming up here on the West Coast, and I’ve been wearing my flip-flops more often than not, I figured it’s probably time I dust off my grooming tools and get my feet summer ready – pronto! 

In case I mislead you with my “grooming tools” reference above, let me clarify. I’m not a pamperer. I rarely wear make up or style my hair, and I’d rather spend my money on, well just about anything, than splurge on regular pedicures. Unfortunately I not only have super dry skin, but I also hate socks and shoes, so you can often find me playing outside with my kids – barefoot. These little piggies take a beating so if I’m not getting someone else to take care of them, I need to do it myself. 

Did I mention that I’m seriously tactile sensitive and I hate pumice stones and those little foot-skin-shaver things? Diva, right? Luckily for me I found an exfoliating foot cream that doesn’t send me running (barefoot) for the hills. And it actually works! Check out these before and after photos, taken 2 weeks apart. 

Get Feet Summer Ready

Get Feet Summer Ready - Before & After

Amazing isn’t it? (and kinda gross). You can see that the cracks in my heel are still there a bit, but the depth and number of them is significantly reduced. My feet feel softer plus the pain and itchiness that I get when the cracks are really severe is completely gone! Funnily enough, I rarely actually look at my feet, so I did a double take when I was putting the 2 photos side by side. It looks like the after shot has been blurred a bit, but I promise, my heels actually look like that. I checked! All of this without any rough exfoliating or skin-shaving. 

Isdin’s Ureadin® Podos Hydrating Gel Oil exfoliates with lactic acid, while also repairing and hydrating dry, cracked feet emollients like Shea Butter. I am seriously in love with this stuff, and the idea that I never have to have a skin-shaver thing touch my feet again! 

Get Legs Summer Ready Too! 

While I was in grooming mode, I thought I’d tackle my legs too with Isdin’s Ureadin® Spray & Go Lotion.  Remember how I said I’m not the pampering type? I often neglect moisturizing properly because I can’t be bothered with all of the fuss of goopy lotions marking up clothes and GAH! So the idea of moisturizing with a spray lotion that absorbs in seconds (as in COMPLETELY dry) that lasts all day long and if provides an antioxidant effect? I’m sold. Thankfully the reality is just as blissful as it sounds, plus it’s great for all skin types. I now have a moisturizing routine (who’d a thought?!) that is so quick, easy and – most importantly – effective that  I may never relegate skin care to the “to-do-again-in-6-months” list again! I almost feel like a proper adult. 

If you want to check out these awesome products (and more – they have a baby and kid’s line too), click here to learn more. You now have no excuse not to get your skin summer ready NOW!

summer ready skin - spray lotion

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