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The Best Mother’s Day Gift

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A year ago, I wrote about how Mother’s Day is not always a happy day. How there are many Mothers out there that aren’t acknowledged on this holiday and suffer in silence having lost a child, had miscarriages or struggled with infertility. 

This year I am so grateful that this message is reaching a wider audience with that post being syndicated by Huffington Post. I’m grateful that I have a chance to expand on that message and share so many other’s powerful words on the subject.

For Mother’s Day this year I don’t want flowers or a special dinner or a day at the spa. All I want for Mother’s Day is for people to share this message. To start a conversation. To reach out. To slowly peel back the curtain and shine a light on this topic in hopes that this Mother’s Day there is a little less pain for some. A little more hope and a little more comfort. That would be the best Mother’s Day gift

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