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Getting Attached to the ASUS T300 CHI {REVIEW}

Heather van Mil3093 views

Finding balance in your life is the Holy Grail of all work at home moms, and often seems like a completely unattainable goal, but ASUS is endeavouring to change that with their new ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi,  an awesome 2-in-1 laptop and tablet device.

Whether as a laptop or tablet, the T300 is one of slimmest devices available and includes premium features such as a durable, all-aluminum exterior, a strong magnetic hinge, a vibrant display with incredible viewing angles and premium stereo sound.

I had a chance to test drive the State-of-the-art TruVid display technology with 4x HD resolution doing some serious binge watching research and was impressed with how clear the picture was, and the screen was the perfect lap viewing size.  

The results of my “research” were quite impressive

The Chi isn’t just made for play though, so I put it through its paces throughout my working day and was happy at how responsive it was. Fanless Intel processors offer amazing speed and outstanding energy efficiency, so despite it’s small size, it’s a powerhouse. A whopping 10 hours of battery life means that I can go from meeting to event to working at home with no need to charge in between. 

One of my favourite features was the hand writing functionality using the Active Stylus Pen. When I’m in the middle of a meeting or conference call, my go-to for note taking is pen and a piece of scrap paper, but they so often get lost. Taking notes on a device can be difficult as I’m often using said device for other information. Having the Chi where I can handwrite my notes, but not lose them, really was the best of both worlds. Add to that the ease of toggling between the pen and eraser functionalities with the simple click of a button on the stylus and I was in heaven. The only downside was no built-in storage for the stylus so I’m often hunting to find where I put it down. 


The 2-in-1 laptop experience really is unique and helpful in so many situations, and thanks to the magnetic hinge firmly holding the tablet and keyboard together, docking was so smooth and stable. While it took a bit to switch my brain from Mac to PC, I loved working and playing with the ASUS T300 Chi and discovered is that it really is easy to get attached!

ASUS t300 Chi it’s easy to get attached

I participated in the ASUS campaign as a member of bLink Marketing Network. I was provided a free computer from ASUS to review but all opinions are my own.

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