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3 Bathroom Hacks to Extend Your Clean

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Lysol Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

I hate cleaning. 

Even more than that, I hate having to clean AGAIN when I’ve just finished cleaning. Once it’s done I want it to stay done, at least for a little while. Lysol® has a full range of products that got my bathroom clean quickly and easily (including killing 99.9% of germs) from toilet to tub, sink to shower. 

While I was using the Lysol® Bathroom Cleaning Foam in my shower, I enjoyed seeing exactly where the product was disinfecting and how easily it covered large surfaces as it was sprayed. The Lysol® Power Bathroom Cleaner was great for spraying my faucet, sink and toilet, leaving everything so shiny and germ free. 

Since Lysol® did such a fantastic job of helping me get through the dreaded chore of cleaning my bathroom, I wanted to make sure it stayed that way so I rounded up a few brilliant bathroom hacks to make their fabulous clean last longer.  

3 Bathroom Hacks to Extend Your Clean

Lysol Bathroom Cleaning Hacks 

1. After your shower is glistening from Lysol® Bathroom Cleaning Foam in Summer Fresh scent, be sure to extend that clean and air out your shower AND your curtain by leaving each end open just a little after a shower. This allows air to circulate through the curtain and the shower, discouraging mold and mildew. 

2. Once your sink and counter are squeaky clean from Lysol® Power Bathroom Cleaner in Spring Waterfall scent, then you’ll want to avoid rust marks by keeping your metal containers (such as shaving cream and hairspray) upside down on the counter top.

3. This is a really hard one with little kids around, but one of the best ways to keep things cleaner longer is to keep damp towels properly hung up and off of the floor.  Leaving towels on the floor provides the perfect environment for spores and mold to develop, which not only saturate the air you breathe, but also cover the next towel user. Eww!  

Lysol Bathroom Products

With all these great ways to make your cleaning last longer, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of Lysol®’s NEW Try Me Free offer.  When you purchase any Lysol® Toilet Bowl Cleaner you can try any other Lysol® Bathroom product for free (triggers, aerosol, etc.) with mail in rebate.

All On The Table Disclaimer: This post is generously sponsored by Lysol®.  The opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Lysol®.



  1. These tips are awesome. Today’s the day I’m able to do chores, so I’ll be saving this while I tackle cleaning the bathroom. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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