3 Little Things Moms Appreciate

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3 things moms appreciate

It’s funny how life changes when you become a Mom. How the things you took for granted before kids suddenly seem like luxuries. Based on experience, here are 3 little things that we as Moms probably appreciate more than others- and at least one of these is probably good for a laugh!

3 simple things Moms appreciate

  1. Going to the bathroom alone. 
    How often do you have a little tagalong when you need to (ahem) attend to business? It’s hilarious that something so personal can become a group activity. No matter how embarrassing and uncomfortable it might be for us, our little ones just want to be close to Mom, or have a snoop around the bathroom, or…? Not sure what the fascination is with joining in on Mom’s potty breaks, but it can sure make for some funny conversations! In so many ways it’s comical, but a little privacy can go a long way to remind us that we as Moms don’t have an ‘all access pass’ stamped to our forehead- we need a few minutes (seconds!) to ourselves each day as well. 
  2. Having a shower/ taking a bath that lasts longer than 5 minutes. 
    Don’t get me wrong, scrub- adub- dubbing with your little one in the tub makes for all kinds of special memories and photo- ops that you can only enjoy when they’re little. But sometimes it’s nice to have a relaxing shower without rushing through the process and come out actually feeling clean, not like you’ve only covered the essentials. What used to be a leisurely, relaxing experience now gets cramped into whatever time you can spare throughout the day, often with a bumpkin hanging out just outside the shower stall or sticking their head around the curtain to ask about a snack. Who knew a five- minute shower- 10 minutes on a good day!- without interruption could feel like such a novelty? Moms, that’s who.
  3.  Drinking a hot beverage.
    Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea to get their day started? Caffeine is the secret weapon of many mothers , but think: when was the last time you actually got past the first few sips of a beverage while it was still HOT? You pour yourself a cuppa, bring it to your face, inhale the sweet aroma of the beans/ tea leaves that have been brewed to perfection, take one lovely, glorious sip, maybe one or two more, and then… “Moooooom!” (insert here whatever demands/ complaints/ requests/ questions/ or messes you may face at this moment) and that’s that. You’ve lost your chance. The next time you lay eyes on that cup, it’ll be cold, luke warm if you’re lucky, and the novelty will have worn off. Now you’ll simply sip it for that added caffeine boost to help perk you up; it’s become a necessity more than a pleasure. (Sigh), there’s always tomorrow. 😉

Does this sound familiar? What simple little things do you appreciate so much more now that you’ve got kids?

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