Get One Give One: Shopping for Social Good

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Long live a good BOGO sale! I love when I buy something and get something else for free. It’s the best feeling: saving money! What’s a better feeling is the one I get when I buy one of something and SOMEONE ELSE get’s something free. That feels good – social good! It’s like paying it forward in the drive through line! I’ve found these companies where your purchases make a difference in the lives of others: 

Ruby Cup – When you buy a Ruby Cup, a menstrual cup is given to a girl in a developing country. This means a young woman can participate in education and not be sidelined by biology. An additional benefit is that the product is durable and long lasting, so one cup can last quite a long time without needing replacement. 

Scenery Bags – When you buy these bags made from old theatre backdrops, you make theatre accessible to more kids! How great is that? This is such a wonderful opportunity to help broaden the experiences of kids who wouldn’t normally be able to enjoy it. Theatre is inspiring, educational and nurtures the imagination. 

Roma Boots – When you buy a pair of boots, a pair of boots are donated to people in need where the climate is such that boots are needed.   On the west coast, we know the value of a good pair of boots, and this is one purchase for yourself that will help people from being left out in the cold. You can warm your heart and someone else’s feet just by doing some online shopping! 

The next time you are looking for something to purchase that has the added benefit of making a difference in the world, these are some great options. Happy shopping (and world changing!) Hope you find an option for giving back that “clicks!” 



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