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5 Pantry Must-Haves

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I have many random ingredients in my pantry as a result of experimenting with fun new recipes, but there are some standards that I can’t live without.In no particular order they are:

1. Raw Coconut Sugar

No, it doesn't taste like coconut!
No, it doesn’t taste like coconut!
This has completely replaced all our sugar uses.Morning coffees, everyday baking, homemade sauces for dinner, it’s all coconut sugar.While I would never go so far as to say that coconut sugar is GOOD for you because – lets face it – sugar is sugar, I definitely believe that it is the best option for a natural sweetener.It is minimally processed, has trace minerals and scores lower on the Glycemic Index then many other sweeters.And no, it does not taste like coconut! Viagra pour femmeWe pick up our big 1/2 kilo bag from Costco and it will last us about 2 months!

2. Chick Peas (aka Garbanzo Beans)

And here I thought that Garbanzo was a muppet on Sesame Street....
And here I thought that Garbanzo was a muppet on Sesame Street….
I’ve always been a big fan of hummus, but have recently discovered so many more recipes that use chick peas that I always keep these in stock.My new fave is the Honey Cinnamon Roasted Chickpeas – perfect sweet snack for a nut free school lunch.Another good use of chickpeas is this adapted Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger recipe I’ve been toying with.I can’t wait to discover more great uses for chickpeas!

3. Chia Seeds

I put these in EVERYTHING!
I put these in EVERYTHING!
I initially started using Chia seeds in smoothies before I found out just how many things you can put them in!!I recently made the yummiest Chia Seed Bread, and have still been working on a Chia Seed Pudding.As soon as I’m happy with it, I will most definitely share.

4. Raw Cacao Powder

Pronounced “cah-cay-oh”, and yes I had to google that 😉
I came across raw cacao powder in my search to replace the horrible-for-you Nesquik in my homemade Iced Capps.It worked like a charm, and I now use it in all my baking – most recently in my Baked Banana Chocolate Oatmeal. Amazing.

5. Cold Pressed Organic Coconut Oil

Take my advice and get 2 jars - one for cooking and one for grooming
Take my advice and get 2 jars – one for cooking and one for grooming
It was Suzanne from Mommy Footprint and Green Planet Parties who turned me onto coconut oil for personal care.Her post on Personal Care Recipes is bookmarked in my browser as I use it so often!Once I had it in my bathroom, it seemed like a natural jump to explore how I could use it in my kitchen.I’m still a beginner in all things coconut oil, but so far I use it in baking whenever I can (subbing out for other oils), particularly when making energy balls.What are your top 5 pantry must-haves?


  1. We’ve made our own hummus a few times. It’s very easy and so much less expensive than buying it pre-made. Cheese, tomatoes, and olive oil are tops with us.

    1. Of course, how could I not include olive oil! I keep mine close to the stove, maybe that’s why I didn’t associate it with ‘pantry’.

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