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Walking on Sunshine

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I soak up every little bit of sunshine I can living here in Raincouver, so I was especially warmed to be tagged in a Sunshine Award blog post by the ridiculously witty Brooke Takhar over at Miss Teen USSR. For those in the dark, the award is “FBBB (for bloggers, by bloggers), and a way to recognize people who have charmed, supported, enlightened, and inspired the awarder in recent months.” I’ll admit to being slightly insanely intimidated by the level of talent of the company I was included with, and will use that as my excuse as to why it has taken me so long to generate my own post!

My answers to Brooke’s questions:

1. What’s the one book you always freak out about and demand your friends read?

Anything by Khaled Hosseini. Exquisitely crafted and incredibly painful to read, I always preface the recommendation with the fine print “don’t read unless you need a good cry and have a truckload of tissue at hand”.

2. You have $100 in your wallet. Where do you go to eat?

I’m currently obsessed with Dark Table. Google it if you’ve never heard of it. It’s a great experience where you eat in complete and utter darkness, served by blind or visually impaired staff. I’ve been twice and am planning my third excursion.

3. Your choice: flying cars or hoverboards?

Since I have no talent with anything balance related (skateboards, surfboards, SUP’s), then I definitely vote for flying cars. That and I LOVE driving! Do you figure they come with manual transmission??

4. What’s the one thing your partner does that makes DIVORCE flash behind your eyes?

One thing?? Ha! I think the thing that drives me crazy is when he “forgets” something I’ve asked him to do, he claims I never told him in the first place.

5. Best time of day to be productive – early morning or late at night?

Early morning, 100%. My brain shuts down once wine o’clock rolls around

6. I am of the belief that all jeans require a belt. If you agree, you may move to the next question. If you disagree, you need to make a very good argument for it.

I HATE belts. Mostly because they are totally unflattering to someone who is already generous with the curves. I don’t need any more help with a muffin top or extra bulk around my midsection, thanks. I really want to like them, I would have a wicked buckle collection, let me tell ya!

7. You fling your covers off the bed and there is a ____ on your pillow that makes you shriek long and hard. What is it?

A child right in my face! More than once my munchkin has snuck in while I’m fast asleep only to wake up nose to nose. Scares the crap out of me!

8. If you have children: knowing FULL WELL that there is a HUGE chance it could go HORRIBLY wrong, if your child wants to pursue a career in show business, do you help them?

Absolutely! Both my girls have been involved in the industry already, albeit in a very small way, and I think no matter what kids choose to do (entertainment, athletics etc), there’s always a chance things can go horribly wrong. Parent’s need to be involved 100% and make the best decisions they can. My 5 year old has become a bit of an introvert lately and has decided she wants to take a break for now, so that’s what we’re doing! Always her call.


Now it’s my turn to pass the sun beam! My 8 nominations are celebrating local love for my fellow North Shore bloggers

Arieanna Schweber from Active Mama

Cher Hanusiak from Eco Bravo

Jessica Blumel from North Shore Mama

Parrish Wilson from Just Another Mompreneur

Angela Santoro from Modern Mama North Shore

Janelle Baker-Chan from Yaya Baby

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Lindsay Coulter from Queen of Green

Your questions, should you choose to answer them are:

1. What is your favourite piece of technology as a blogger? As a mommy?

2. What’s the craziest fad diet/workout routine you’ve ever attempted?

3. Automatic or manual transmission?

4. What is your ideal number of kids?

5. Have you ever broken any bones?

6. What is the best old school way of writing? Pen & paper, typewriter, tablet & chisel?

7. What is the most unusual entry on your list of baby names?

8. What is the craziest thing you did as a child that you’d never let your own kids do?

Looking forward to reading all the great posts!


    1. My pleasure. I really wanted to tag you back as I know you’d have awesome answers, but then it’d be the song that never ends!

  1. “I HATE belts. Mostly because they are totally unflattering to someone who is already generous with the curves. I don’t need any more help with a muffin top or extra bulk around my midsection, thanks.”


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