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A Letter to my Daughter on her 1st Birthday

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Aven's First Birthday

Dear Aven,

Today is the first anniversary of your grand (speedy) entrance into the world, and I have no idea where the past year has gone! You amaze me at each and every turn, and the bond between you and your big sister is something I never could have imagined and it takes my breath away. She continues to be your favourite person – the one you look for when you first wake up, the one who makes you laugh the most, and the one who you smile and run to when she comes in the door from school. It is my greatest hope that this bond will last a lifetime, through difficult, hormonal years, possible distance, careers, marriage and children – whatever life throws your way as you grow up, may you never grow apart.

Photo Credit: Cherish Bryck Photography
Photo Credit: Cherish Bryck Photography

You have an incredible sense of humour and are a wickedly accurate mimic. You love to copy whatever sounds/words you hear and do an impressive job of it. You are toddling around with increasing accuracy and speed and love to be outside as much as possible! You are VERY opinionated, and do not hesitate to share exactly what you think with everyone around you, through funny faces, shrieks, shouts, laughs, pouts, and throwing yourself down on the floor. We definitely have a budding drama queen on our hands!

You have the biggest, brightest blue eyes that light up when your big sister, Daddy or Mommy walk into the room, and an infectious laugh that matches the giant smile that often stretches from ear to ear, still with just 2 little teeth at the bottom. Your beautiful blond hair is thicker and starting to get longer with the slightest curl beginning to emerge. People often stop us on the street to tell us just how gorgeous you are, and how you look just like the gerber baby! We tend to agree.

Photo Credit: Sarah Jane Photography

I look forward to watching you grow this next year – seeing more and more of your personality emerge, watching the bond between you and your sister go from strength to strength and discovering your talents, abilities and likes. You are an absolute treasure and complete our little family. It was a long journey to this point, but worth every single step. I can not imagine life without you and am blessed to have such a wonderful life with you! I hope you always know just how much you are loved, and how proud we all are of you. Happiest of happy 1st birthdays my lovely girl.

Love, Mama.


    1. That is the plan. I keep monthly track of her specific development areas but so the more sentimental thing once a year šŸ™‚

      1. Fantastic! Given how quickly electronic media changes, I’d almost suggest printing a copy of the 1st letter, and starting something old-school like a big hard-bound scrapbook containing letters to your daughter. šŸ™‚

        1. That’s a great idea! I started the electronic copy because I couldn’t keep up with the written one. I definitely need to back up šŸ™‚

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