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Dirty Thirty

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Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play Dirty Thirty

I’ve been ruminating on what turning 30 means to me, not because I fear or dread it, but I do seem disconnected from it. It doesn’t resonate with me, I don’t feel like it represents me, but I’m not sure why. Maybe I have a warped definition of what being 30 is, although, superficially I do match up to those parameters. I’m my (super old fashioned) mind a typical 30 year old has a few kids, maybe a job or a career, spends lots of time ferrying said kids between activities and school and friends, spends waaaay too much time on the mundane tasks of daily life and too little time on the fun indulgences. 30 means clothes that don’t quite fit the same way anymore and are perhaps a little behind the times (read: mom jeans). All of these things are a part of my daily grind, yet somehow it doesn’t feel like me. Maybe the disconnect is that that conjures an image of a faded Polaroid of a woman with feathered hair and jeans up to her rib cage with a kid in each hip and one around her ankle. Maybe the disconnect is that there is so much more to me then those superficial definitions allow for. Perhaps it’s time that I bring my definition of 30 into the 21st century! With that in mind, here’s an idea of what my redefined definition of 30 is in my world.

Life Love and the Pursuit of Play - 30 is stretch marks
Original photo source https://flic.kr/p/jcvGz4
30 is…..
Approximate Number of stretch marks on my body
Average hours of sleep I get in a week
Number of times I pull my 14 month old out of a life threatening situation in a day
Number of minutes I SHOULD be exercising each day
Blog post ideas running through my head at any given moment
Number of dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen sink
Minimum number of pounds I’d ideally like to drop
Answers to the question “Why” hourly
Number I should count to in an effort to control my temper
Number of times I have moved in my life (it feels like)
Boxes of junk lugged through each of the above mentioned moves that we DO NOT NEED
Renditions of “Let it Go” sung at top volume daily (by my girls)
Number of different email addresses I manage
Email notifications that pop up on my mobile each minute
Number of days it would take me to go through them all (current tally is 928, and unlike above, that’s no exaggeration)
Number of boo-boo’s I kiss better each day
Snuggles, hugs and kisses I get smothered with daily
Number of years I have had to become stronger, wiser, kinder, braver, more gentle, loving and understanding
What does 30 meant to you?


  1. This was fun to read. My husband just turned 30 and I have been asking him, what does that mean to you? A time of reflection to be sure, I imagine. Happy Birthday to you and may your 30s be better than you imagine!

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