*GIVEAWAY* Nuggets… a #OneDayKids Test Drive

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I’ve been told I’m a bit of a pack rat. I am loath to part with anything, knowing that I can always find a use for it sooner or later (sometimes MUCH later). I hang on to clothes and shoes I’ve outgrown, cords from electronics that we no longer own and make up that is waaaaay past it’s expiration date, but the thing I hoard most is memories. I’ve always been like this; holding onto notes from high school, old movie ticket stubs and even luggage tags, but ever since I’ve had kids my pack rat tendencies have gone into overdrive! I keep so many of their clothes, photos of course, their hospital bracelets, locks of hair, lost teeth and every single piece of paper they have ever scribbled on – all with the intention of putting them into a gorgeous scrapbook that records their every move from the first contraction onwards. The trouble is, as all you moms know, along with the lack of space that comes with kids (and pack rats), there is also a significant lack of TIME! These beautiful scrapbooks are still a twinkle in my eye, and might see the light of day by the time my kids have kids of their own. That is why I am so thankful for the One Day app! It’s an instant movie maker app that makes it simple, fun and easy to create short movies of your child’s life! Their fun story sets include topics for babies, toddlers, kids and adults as well as some rotating themed ideas. Making memories is as easy as recording video snippets answering their question sets and pressing done! The app automatically stitches the videos together and adds music to make a gorgeous memory that you can share with family and friends. Best of all, it doesn’t take up any room in your house!

I decided to try my hand at recording some ‘words of wisdom’ for my munchkins to absorb when they’re a bit older. Hopefully they’ll get some nuggets out of it… or otherwise!


Almost no one likes the sound of their own voice, and I’m no exception, but I do like that I’m creating so many memories that my kids will have forever. With my own Dad’s passing recently, this is more important to me than ever and I love how easy the One Day app makes this.

Thanks to OneDay, as well as a TON of amazing bloggers (moi aussi, of course), not only do you get this fantastic time-capsule-in-an-app, but you can also win a $150 gift card to! The giveaway is open to the US and Canada, and you can enter as many times as rafflecopter allows. Good luck, have fun and PLEASE share all your gorgeous videos with me!


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All on the table disclaimer: While I was compensated for this post, all opinions are completely honest and totally my own and you know I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with all my fave readers. 


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