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Natural Pain Relief for Babies and Children

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Pure Hazelwood Necklaces for Migraines

Pure Hazelwood Necklaces for Migraines

This is the aftermath of a migraine. Let me tell you, it’s not fun. My 7 year old has been having migraines since she was 3, and it is a heart wrenching experience to watch your child in so much pain and unable to do a thing but try to comfort her until it passes. When a friend suggested I try hazelwood for migraine relief I jumped at the chance to find a solution. 

Fast forward 4 years and my 2.5 year old is having a brutal time with her molars (and so are we!). I had used amber necklaces in the past with success, so when I learned that hazelwood also provided natural pain relief for babies who were teething, and that Pure Hazelwood carried necklaces that combined hazelwood and amber in one, I knew that was the product for us. 

natural relief for teething pain with Hazelwood necklace
                    “I’m growing new teeth!”

Pure Hazelwood has been the world leader of hazelwood products for over 18 years, pioneering the scientific research on hazelwood and it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Their products aren’t just for teething or migraine, they can also help to relieve symptoms related to inflammation, including colic, arthritis, joint pain, psoriasis, eczema, digestive disorders and more. Their complete line for babies, kids and adults is made of 100% natural hazelwood from the Canadian Boreal forest.

In both cases, I noticed immediate relief for my girls. My oldest daughter’s migraines occur less frequently, and with less intensity then they did before we tried the Pure Hazelwood necklace. My toddler is noticeably less miserable, and not chewing on her fingers nearly as much. Now if only the hazelwood could do something about their cheeky attitude!  
natural relief for teething pain and migraines
                        “I’m losing my teeth!”
If you have a munchkin in need of some relief, be sure to enter the contest below for your chance to win one of three Pure Hazelwood prizes including a $50 gift card and a Pure Hazelwood product! 

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