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15 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love

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I know first hand that winter birthday parties can be a challenge. It’s such a busy time of year, especially if you are lucky enough to have a child born in December (yep, that’d be me), and the weather usually is dismal, no matter where you live. Fun (and inexpensive options) abound at other times of year when the world is your playground, but coming up with winter birthday party ideas when it’s raining or snowing outside is definitely trickier. After 7 years of this, I feel like I’ve become somewhat of an expert on the subject, and not to toot my own horn, at the risk of sounding less than humble, we’ve had some pretty epic parties! So without further ado…..

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15 Winter Birthday Party Ideas EVERY Kid Will Love 

  1. For the Music Lover: A music themed birthday party is such a versatile option that can fit any budget and setting. From karaoke and cupcakes at home to a music class and instrument “petting zoo” at your local music centre, your budding Beethoven (or Bruno Mars) can have a rockin’ birthday party. *For Vancouverites* I’m a huge fan of Creativ Music Centre and their Pop Star Parties where your child can pick their favourite song and make a CD or music video with their best friends. Everyone gets to take a copy home as a keepsake. How cool is that! 
  2. For the Outdoor Enthusiast: A winter birthday doesn’t have to mean an indoor party. Why not embrace the weather and head to your local mountain (or hill) for some fun in the snow?! Most places have great birthday party packages, but if they don’t you can always ask about group rates to create your own “birthday party”. Warm up with some hot chocolate and cake afterwards and you’ve got the perfect winter party. *For Vancouverites* You can’t beat our very own Olympic grade mountain – Cypress Mountain Ski Resort. With both a snow tube park, plus a sliding area for the wee ones, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! 
  3. For the Fish: Pool parties aren’t just for summer, it’s rainy outside so getting wet at your party makes perfect sense! Most local pools have great pool party packages that include instructors to lead the fun so parents don’t have to get wet (yay!), plus a party room to fuel up after you’ve dried off. Bonus is all the guests will have the best night’s sleep after this party! *For Vancouverites* One of my favourite birthday parties was a Mermaid party we had at the West Vancouver Aquatic Centre. The kids all learned how to swim in mermaid tails, dive for gems plus we got the best group photo! They also have awesome Superhero and Splashzone pool parties so there are options that everyone will enjoy. 
  4. For the Gymnast: If your child is constantly cartwheeling and tumbling around the house, you might want to check out party options at gymnastics club or private centre. Besides being a great active option, you have a super casual dress code – no fussy dresses and party shoes needed. Win- win! *For Vancouverites*  I love Jump Gymnastics in Yaletown and North Vancouver because they will custom tailor the party activities to your birthday child and their guests, so you have a party that suits even the youngest partiers! 
  5. For the Film Critic: Looking for a more low key birthday party option? A movie might be right up your alley! A quick phone call to your local movie theatre will tell you what movies will be playing on your preferred date and if they have birthday party packages or group rate options. May theatres have a party room, or will set up a table in the lobby for your guests to enjoy some cake. If you’re feeling extra creative, you can bring the movie theatre to your house, themed cake and all! *For Canadians* Cineplex offers standard and premium birthday party packages for kids up to 13 years of age, including movie tickets, snacks and more! 
  6. For the Acrobat: Does your child dream of running away to the circus? Indulge that dream with a circus birthday party! This unique concept will have your guests experiencing everything circus, including aerial silks, trampolines, juggling, clowning and more (activities vary by centre). *For Vancouverites* It is on our bucket list to have a party at the Vancouver Circus School, with locations in North Vancouver and New Westminster. My oldest is obsessed with anything acrobatic and I know a party there would be a great time!   
  7. For the Animal Enthusiast: While I’m not one to recommend any activities that feature wild animals in captivity, I do make an exception when it’s a place that is focused on rescue and rehabilitation. Whether a place with it’s own location, or a mobile option that comes to you, there are many amazing centres that do incredible things for animals in need that you can feel good about supporting with a party for your animal lover. *For Vancouverites* The Vancouver Aquarium is non-profit association dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action. They have a great birthday party package, and even offer a one of a kind experience of sleeping onsite overnight
  8. For the Scientist: For the child with the inquisitive mind, a science themed party could be just what the doctor ordered. From DIY home experiments and treats, to mobile labs to science centres, you can find an option to fit every age and budget. *For Vancouverites* We’re lucky to have a world-class Science Centre with Telus World of Science.  Their birthday party packages are truly all-inclusive with food, activities and decorations so all you need to do is show up and enjoy! 
  9. For the Wall Climber: Do your kids drive you crazy climbing the walls all winter? Why not find a local climbing centre with walls they’re meant to climb! A quick google search will reveal many different options, from complexes that have a wide variety of options (laser tag, video games etc) in addition to the climbing wall, to dedicated facilities for a real climbing challenge. *For Vancouverites* I’m a big fan of Climb Base 5, with their professional, experienced staff and various climbing set ups with options for beginner through to advanced.   You know a party with them will really rock!  
  10. For the Artist: The beauty of an Art themed party is that anything can be art! Throw a roll of paper on the wall and let the kids loose. It’s art! Buy DIY kits from Michaels – it’s art! Book a studio and fill it with kids, it’s art! The only limit is your imagination!! *For Vancouverites* We discovered Bella Ceramica a few years ago, and it is one of our favourite places to spend a rainy day, so why not a birthday! Each guest can select and paint their own ceramic figure, or you can choose a theme and have a leader guide everyone through a specific project. Either way it’s a fun and beautiful mess that doesn’t happen in your home! 
  11. For the Dancer: Does your little one love to get footloose? You might want to consider a dance themed party for your tiny ballerina. If your child is already in dance classes, chances are the studio does in-house birthday parties. If not, you can always hang a disco ball in your living room and dance the night away at home! *For Vancouverites* PerformArt Studios has a gorgeous new location at Lonsdale Quay, and a variety of party themes covering many different dance styles from ballet to hip hop to musical theatre. 
  12. For the Sports Lover: If you have a little athlete on your hands, a sports themed party is sure to be a big hit. The winter weather doesn’t lend itself to outdoor games, but your local rec centre or ice rink is sure to have lots of options. *For Everyone* My favourite sports themed party option isn’t just for Vancouverites, Sportball has locations across Canada and the US. Their high action, energy filled parties will keep everyone on their toes and having a ball! 
  13. For the Foodie: Every birthday has a food component, whether it’s the cake or a more elaborate meal, so why not make food the theme of the party? If you have the room, you can gather all the little chefs chez vous, or inquire at a kid friendly restaurant if they do birthday parties. *For Vancouverites* Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company is our go-to family restaurant, so it only makes sense that it would be a go-to birthday party spot too! Their pizza making birthday parties bring the kids into the kitchen to get in on the foodie fun. 
  14. For the Skater: If it’s cold and icy outside, just go with the flow and hit the ice with a skating birthday party! Whether indoor or out, everyone will have a great time lacing up for some party fun. *For Canadians* Canlan Ice Sports has locations across Canada plus a few in the US where you can host your next birthday party. They cover everything from equipment rentals to food, so you can simply relax and enjoy the fun! 
  15. For the Undecided: Too many winter birthday party ideas to decide on a favourite activity? Why not do a little bit of everything? A quick google search will show you the party planners in your city that do it all! *For Canadians* I love Par-T Perfect not only because they can create a party with just about any theme imaginable, but also for the wide variety of activities within each party. What could be more fun than a party with a bouncy castle, face painting, balloon animals, and games lead by your favourite character? They have locations across Canada and are expanding into the US too!

Do you have a winter baby in your family? Tell me, what are your favourite winter birthday party ideas?

All on the table disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Creativ Music Centre. Learn more about their birthday parties, lessons, camps, workshops and more by checking out their website, following them on Facebook,  Twitter and Youtube.


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