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5 Quick & Easy Things to do for YOU Today!

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What have you done for you lately? When was the last time you put a few minutes aside just for you? Self- reflect? Enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee? Even if you can only grab a few precious minutes at a time, it’s better than nothing and so important to take care of yourself too! So I’m sharing 5 simple things you can do for YOU, mama! All of them are simple pleasures, but can make oh- such- a difference on those days when you feel like you’ve got nothing left and need a pick- me- up. What is your favourite thing to do with ‘you time’?



1. Read. Pick up a book or magazine that you’ve been wanting to turn the pages of and curl up for a few minutes. Extra enjoyable with a cup of tea (or iced tea since it’s Summer!)

2. Have a bath. I know this one can take a little longer than a few minutes, but when you get the chance, take it! Pour in your favourite combo of bath soak, bubble bath, or salts, slip in and enjoy.

3. Soak your feet. Maybe you don’t have time for your whole body to enjoy a luxurious soak, but popping your piggies in a basin for a few minutes can do wonders. Think about it: you probably spend most of your day on your feet, so if you only have time to pamper one part of your body, don’t they deserve it? 

4. Take a walk. Without the kids. Go by yourself or go out with a friend one evening and leave hubby with the kids. You’ll get some exercise and fresh air and enjoy some time out of the house without having to pack up the kids.

5. Shop in your pjs. Who doesn’t love a little online shopping? Even if you’re just (e)window shopping. Pour a glass of wine and enjoy shopping the sales in your comfiest threads and maybe treat yourself to some well- deserved goodies you’ve had your eye on!

Life is busy. I get it. But putting some time aside for yourself to recharge and relax doesn’t have to be a challenge and it pays off. So much. So go ahead, spend a little time today for you. And enjoy.

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