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Finding Dory Party Ideas

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Last week the girls and I were lucky enough to check out an early screening of Finding Dory (you can read our review here) and we loved the movie so much that we decided to keep the fun going at home with a party. After scouring Pinterest for Finding Dory party ideas, and a quick trip to Michael’s, we were all set! Want to host a Finding Dory party of your own? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Finding Dory Party Ideas

Finding Dory Table


I found the food to be the easiest part of planning the Finding Dory party – there are so many options! On our menu we had:

  • Goldfish Crackers
  • Blue Jello
  • Seaweed
  • Cupcakes
  • Blue Smoothie Popsicles

Making Finding Dory Cupcakes

The goldfish crackers and seaweed were no brainers. My girls love both of these snacks, and they required no prep on my part. Win-Win! The blue Jello was meant to be cut into fish shapes with a cookie cutter (how cute would that be!!), but alas it didn’t set firmly enough for that to happen. Luckily it is just as tasty in bowls! The blue smoothie popsicles were one of the highlights because we got to test out our brand new Zoku popsicle mold that shapes the popsicles into marine animals with the tails as the popsicle holder. How fun!

Finding Dory Cupcake Topper 2

Last but not least, were the cupcakes. I made blue cupcakes with blue icing – half of them were left plain so the kids could decorate them, and half got handmade royal icing cupcake toppers (learn how to make them here)!  All of it was served on Finding Dory plates and napkins of course.

Decorating Finding Dory Cupcakes


What’s a party without fun things to do? The first activity the girls did was decorate their cupcakes with some icing and cute Finding Dory sprinkles and decorations. Then we made sparkly hydro bracelets with Finding Dory charms using a kit we found at Michael’s. After all the food had been eaten, we became little fishies and went for a dip in our wading pool in the backyard. Our party was short and sweet, but if you want yours to last a little longer, I gathered all my favourite Finding Dory Activities on a Pinterest board here. There’s Finding Dory Paper Plate Puppets, Finding Dory BINGO, Pin Nemo on the Fishbowl and so much more!   

Finding Dory Bracelets

Goodie Bags

I’m a bit of a picky person when it comes to goodie bags. I try to choose things that will actually be used, that won’t break easily, and NO sugar! For our Finding Dory party, the goodie bags included:

  • Finding Dory cups
  • Blue and Green bubble tubes
  • Finding Dory stickers
  • Finding Dory Magic Towels
  • Finding Dory iron fuse beads activity

I was quite happy with the selection of things for the goodie bags; things to do, things that would get used, and not a drop of sugar in sight! I packaged it all in a super cute Finding Dory goodie bag and we were all set! 

Finding Dory Goody Bags and Activities

It was a fantastic time, fun was had by all. Our little fishies were completely exhausted by the end – isn’t that the true sign of a good party? 

If you haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, I highly recommend it. If you have seen it, then a party is in order! Be sure to share all your awesome Finding Dory party ideas with me!


Finding Dory Party Ideas

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