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5 Ways to Get B2S Ready

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It’s official- only a few weeks left of Summer vacation! Who’s counting down the days on the calendar?

This is such a fun time of year, where lots of memories get made, but it can be busy and a little crazy trying to entertain the kids for 2 months (and trying to get some work done too!). With B2S just around the corner now is the perfect time to start getting ready to avoid things getting hectic and crazy for the first week back. If you break things up and tackle one or two things per week instead of trying to do everything at once it makes it a lot less crazy and you’ll feel all the more prepared once the regular routine is back.


To help you tackle the list of things to do before school goes back, here’s a few easy ways to get ready now and the weeks ahead before school is back in session.

  1. Meal plan. Take some time now to think of some easy dinner ideas and maybe put together a few freezer meals for nights when the kids have practice or you have to work late. Ask your kids (and hubby) for meals they’d like to include in the dinner rotation (bonus: this can help tackle picky eaters). Let everyone take turns picking a meal per week for a fun way to menu plan. Anything that can go in the crockpot is a win- win in my books! 
  2. Stock up now. On everything. From clothes (great end of Summer sales!), school supplies, and even food you can buy in bulk. Get it done now so you can check this biggie off your to- do list.
  3. Purge closets & rotate seasonal clothes. I feel like this is ongoing in our house, but it’s good to go through and put away/ donate items that are too small, etc. Obviously keep some Summer items in rotation, but wash & hang seasonal items for Fall such as new sweaters, jeans, and coats so they’re ready when the cooler weather arrives.
  4. Clean out backpacks. Ok, hands up who else kind of forgets about this task until right before school goes back? Basically school stuff gets brought home the last day of school and forgotten about until it’s time to start getting ready to go back. Clean out & throw away any random papers, crumbs, etc and stock with supplies, PE clothes, etc ready for the the first day back.
  5. Label it up! How many times has a container gone to school and not come home? We have a graveyard of random plastic ware in our kitchen of items that have lost lids (or lids with no containers!). Whip out a Sharpie or get personalized labels made to put on containers, water bottles, notebooks- pretty much everything you want to hopefully find it’s way back to your house. It’s not totally fool- proof, but it helps!

How do you get B2S ready? I’d love to hear how you tackle the countdown to the new school year!


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