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Mother-Daughter Date at Cavalia Odysseo #OdysseoYVR

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Cavalia Odysseo - Mommy Daughter Date

Ever since our little family of 3 grew to a family of 4, I’ve tried hard to make sure each of my girls’ gets quality one-on-one time with me and/or my hubby. This can be anything from a “coffee” date, or a hike to something more elaborate. Last week, my 8 year old and I had one of the best mother-daughter dates ever, when we got to experience the VIP treatment at Cavalia Odysseo

Cavalia Odysseo - The Big Tops

We could see our destination long before we arrived, the peaks of the big top (at 99 feet high!) peeking over the False Creek surroundings. Our excitement grew the closer we got, and I had kept my daughter in the dark as to where we were going.  Cavalia Odysseo - VIP Dinner

VIP Dinner

Our date started off with a gourmet buffet dinner in the VIP Rendez-Vous tent that included the most delicious food – perfectly medium rare steak bites, lentil curry & naan, kale caesar salad, shrimp dumplings and more! They also had a kids buffet with mini hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza and fruit, although my 8 year old loved the “adult” food. Did I mention that there was unlimited drinks too? Yes, both the alcoholic and non variety. 

Cavalia Odysseo - Tasty Eats

The atmosphere certainly didn’t feel like we were in a “tent”. Standing 38 meters tall, Odysseo’s White Big Top is the size of a CFL football field. Despite the freezing cold temperatures and muddy ground outside, the tent was heated beautifully, and the ground laid with interlocking flooring keeping us all warm and dry. Add in the lighting, furniture and music and it was the perfect environment for an enjoyable meal. 

Cavalia Odysseo - VIP Tent 

The Main Event

Adri and I were already having the time of our lives, and the show hadn’t even started yet! Soon enough, it was time to take our seats. We were in the 4th row off of aisle 3, and it was the perfect spot to enjoy the show. The front row seats are on the same level with the performing area, and I found that having a bit of height made for ideal viewing (and yes, they take down the markers once everyone has found their seat so that your view isn’t blocked)

Cavalia Odysseo

My daughter has been in dance, gymnastics and acro since she was 3, so we already knew were were going to enjoy the show. But there aren’t quite words to describe what it’s like to watch horses thundering past you, 15 feet away or the incredible relationship the trainers have with the horses that allow them to guide the horses through their performance using only body movements and vocal commands. It was awe inspiring.

There were 65 horses and 45 artists involved in the show. There were 11 different breeds including the Arabian, Holsteiner, Lipizzan, Lusitano, Mustang, Paint Horse, Portuguese Cross, Quarter Horse, Selle Français, Spanish Purebred (P.R.E.) and Warmblood. The horses are from Spain, Portugal, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, The United States and Canada.It has been described as the world’s largest touring production and traveling big top, the biggest stage, the most beautiful visual effects, and the greatest number of horses at liberty. They aren’t wrong. 

Photo credit: ANDREW MILLER


Photo credit: ANDREW MILLER
Photo credit: ANDREW MILLER

The acrobatics were equally as stunning, and the sheer strength of there performers is mind boggling. We were completely hooked after the first hour, and the second half, after admission, blew us away! My daughter’s favourite parts were with the group of acrobats from Guinea who made your head spin with countless flips, jumps and gravity-defying poses. I was both amazed and slightly horrified by the stunning aerial silks act and how they would seemingly hurtle towards the ground from incredible heights, only to stop themselves in incredible contortions wrapped in silk.

Photo credit: CHRIS WAITS
Photo credit: CHRIS WAITS


Photo credit: ANDREW MILLER
Photo credit: ANDREW MILLER

The 2 1/2 hours (including tasty dessert and more beverages during intermission) completely flew by. I know that had I chosen to bring my 3 year old, she would have had no problem sitting through the whole show either. It was spellbinding! 

Behind the Scenes

Cavalia Odysseo - Behind the Scenes

But our fun wasn’t over yet! After the show ended, we got to go behind the scenes, climbing up the mountain of sand to view the performing area from the back, and getting up close with the horses and a performer. The 1,626 square metres stage is larger than a hockey rink.

Cavalia Odysseo - On Stage

Cavalia Odysseo Ready for a close up


Cavalia Odysseo - Meet the Stars


Not only was Cavalia Odysseo an incredible mother-daughter date, but my daughter came away, inspired by the opportunity to see something that she loves so much, up close and at a professional level. I loved being able to show her that acro isn’t something that people just do for fun, that it’s something that people can do as a profession. If she wasn’t hooked before, she sure is now! 

Cavalia Odysseo Coupon Code

Whether you want to have your own mother/daughter date, a girls night out or a special evening with your significant other (I’m definitely going back with my hubby), I’m SO excited to be able to offer you the coupon code SOCIAL to enjoy 15% off tickets at! The show is only here until March 12th, so don’t wait!! 

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All on the Table Disclaimer: Although this post has been generously sponsored by the team at Cavalia, the opinions and language are my own. 

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