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6 Litterless Lunch Must-Haves: Review + Giveaway

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6 Litterless Lunch Must Haves

If I’m being really honest, making lunches is not my favourite part of the morning. Somedays I feel inspired, but most of the time I’m simply wracking my brain trying to figure out the magical combination of food that is a) healthy, b) that they will enjoy, c) that isn’t too much or too little plus bonus points if they haven’t eaten the same thing 5 days in row. 

6 Litterless Lunch Must Haves


We also try our best to be environmentally conscious, and that has really come into focus with the ’no garbage’ policy at my daughter’s elementary school. What they bring to school comes back home so I’m try to make sure we pack a litterless lunch as often as possible. After 3 years of back to school shopping, I think we’ve finally found the best items that work for our family, and I’m excited to share them with you! 

My 6 Litterless Lunch Must-Haves

  1. Contigo Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Food Jar: I found this set at Costco for a great price. Both of my girls use the water bottle daily, and it really doesn’t spill! Plus it has a spout cover so even if they drop it on the ground or their backpacks get a bit grimy, the mouthpiece is still protected. We use the thermoses whenever the girls want to take a hot lunch to school. Leftover soups, pasta – even warm blueberry crisp stays the perfect temperature for them to enjoy. 
  2. Wean Green & Glasslocker Containers: Some people are wary of giving glass to littles, but I can personally vouch for the indestructibility of my go-to options – Glasslock and Wean Green (also made by Glasslock). I have dropped these things so many times and they NEVER break! Both sets also have a seal that means any liquids stay put. No leaks here! I picked up the Snack Cubes  and Lunch Cube from Raspberry Kids, and found this set of Glasslock containers at Costco. 
  3. Silicone Baking Cups: It seems like an odd item to be on this list, but for anyone who has kids that graze, they are indispensable. I use these cups inside the larger Glasslock containers to separate out the different foods in my girls lunch. They both prefer to have smaller amounts with more variety and heaven forbid their cucumbers and cheese touch! Plus they add a fun pop of colour, which everyone loves. I grabbed my silicone cups from Ikea
  4. Name Labels: It can be really frustrating when you invest time and money into building your litterless lunch stash only for things to get forgotten, left behind and lost. That’s why we label everything (that and the labels are just so darn cute)! I recently discovered that Minted has added name labels to their product line up and was excited to give them a try. The girls loved designing their own unique style labels, and I love that they hold up through the dishwasher. Win-Win!
  5. Utensils: Most of the food that I pack in my kid’s lunches is finger food, however when the occasion calls for utensils – particularly spoons, the hands down winner is BabyBjörn’s Baby Spoon. While my 6 year old can handle just about any type of spoon, she prefers their fun style. The real difference is when my 2 year old uses it. I know I can pack soup in her lunch and 99% of it will make it to her mouth. I don’t know how they came up with this magical design but it means my munchkins can tackle yogurt, blueberries, or any other spill-worthy food with ease. 
  6. Funkins Cloth Napkins: The newest and most fun addition to our litterless lunch line up is Funkins cloth napkins! I was introduced to these by a fellow blogger and when our order arrived, my girls (and I), fell in love! Not only are the patterns so fun and cheerful, but the fabric is über soft. My oldest is obsessed with everything owl so she immediately claimed the Have a Hoot pattern, while my youngest was drawn to the “pretty girls” (officially known as the ‘My BFFs Love to Dance’ pattern). After browsing their website, I know my next order will be HUGE because there are so many other styles I love, including awesome sports and holiday themed options. 

               Adri’s Litterless Lunch Aven’s Litterless Lunch

I feel like the addition of the Funkins cloth napkins was the cherry on top of our litterless lunch because now, even if they spill or get messy while eating at school, I know they won’t be using paper towels to clean up. They have their own super cute (and garbage free) way to take care of any mess! 

               Funkins Cloth Napkins Bundle Funkins Cloth Napkins Fan

If you want to add Funkins cloth napkins to your litterless lunch line up, I’ve got a special promo code for you. Enter CANADA30 to your Funkins order check out and receive 30% off any order, no minimum purchase! This offer is valid until Sept 30th, 2015. You can also enter our fabulous Funkins giveaway below and win your own set of these gorgeous cloth napkins. 

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All on the table disclaimer: While I received some of these products free of charge, my opinions are always 100% my own and I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with my fave readers! This post may contain some affiliate links.


  1. We have those same glass containers and they are AMAZING. 🙂 Thanks for the list – I never had reusable things growing up but I’d like to do that for my kids.

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