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Barbie Themed Party

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Barbie Themed Party Header

My oldest daughter has never been a big doll fan. Right from day 1, she preferred active games and activities to passive, imaginative ones – especially if music was involved. My youngest however, is the total opposite. She loves playing in her kitchen, with her dolls and her Barbies. For this party, I decided to combine their 2 interest into one Rock n’ Roll Barbie party! 

Barbie Themed Party Header

To start, I drew inspiration from their Rock n Royals Barbie dolls. This is one doll my eldest does love to play with because she sings, plays guitar and wears blue – all of Adri’s favourite things! Aven’s Barbie is pink, so I decided to incorporate the 2 colours throughout the party. 

                Barbie Themed Party - Blue Barbie Themed Party - Pink

Barbie Themed Party Food

We planned the party for afternoon so we wouldn’t be serving a meal, but definitely wanted snacks for the kids. Sticking with the blue and pink theme, I chose to make dipped pretzel rods, dipped rice krispie squares, and included some sweet pink popcorn. To bring in the music theme, I decided on these super cute microphone cake pops, plus threw in some fresh strawberries in an attempt to have something healthy on the table! The finishing touch was some raspberry ginger ale in an ice bucket (served in fancy plastic wine cups of course!). 

         Barbie Themed Party Food           Barbie Themed Party - Microphone Cake Pops

Barbie Themed Party Activities

Often activities can be the hardest part of a party, but not this time! We started off the party by having the girls create their own pink and blue sparkly tutus for their Barbies. 

Barbie Themed Party Tutu Activity

Next it was time to get glam for our rock ’n roll dance party! First up were manicures and pedicures, in our themed pink and blue colours of course. Naturally the girls wanted to do it themselves, and were so pleased with their results. 

Barbie Themed Party Nail ArtAfter the nails were done, it was on to the dress up station to pick outfits for the dance party! Our dress up box has been topped up recently, so there were lots of options for the girls. I had created a playlist of the girls favourite music, and synced up with the iHome Go+ Cube. They had a BLAST dancing away, and loved that they could take the speaker with them as they went. Naturally, lots of dance parades ensued. (Photo below cropped for privacy).  

          Barbie Themed Party Playlist            Barbie Party Dance Time

Last but not least, it was time to refill on snacks and check out the new Barbie Rock ’n Royals movie. The girls were enthralled right from the beginning. I loved the important messages the movie featured including trying things your afraid of, discovering your talents and being yourself, and working together despite different backgrounds and experiences. The girls (who ranged from 2.5 – 7 years old) loved the story and especially the music – they haven’t stopped singing and dancing yet! Acting out some of the scenes from the movie will be a favourite activity in our house for the foreseeable future. 

The party was a huge hit all around! I was thrilled because it wasn’t so elaborate that I couldn’t enjoy my self with the girls, and the girls were happy with all the activities and food. Win-Win! 

All on the table disclaimer: While I was compensated for this post, all opinions are completely honest and totally my own and you know I would never share anything less than superbly stellar with all my fave readers. 


  1. I really can’t figure out how people make those rice crispies cakes can someone be kind and share with me, I have to plan a non-expensive birthday party for my daughter because she wants a Jumping Castles as well so I don’t want to spend thousands on a birthday party ….I love your theme its unique…wonder how you made those microphones….I would love it if my daughter loves what I’m planning for her

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