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Who’s In The Driver Seat? #StreamTeam

Heather van Mil3286 views

As a mom, I feel like I’m driving my kids everywhere. I take them where we need to go and get us there safely. I am in the driver seat most of the time (if not, my husband is.) Sometimes I think my kids wish they were, but we have a lot of years to go before then. That’s why I love the new Netflix interactive storytelling feature. 

While car rides ultimately end the way I planned – a trip to the doctor, dentist or the grocery store, with the Netflix interactive storytelling feature, my kids get to choose how the story goes. They are in the driver seat finally – and they love it! 

Starting with Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale, and continuing on with Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, and Stretch Armstrong: The Breakout later this year, interactive storytelling promises to take their viewing experience to the next level again and again. 

Having choices empowers kids and gives them room to explore. They are no longer passive observers, they are active participants in their own entertainment. Each choice is a ‘thought experiment’ of “What if?” They think about how they think it will turn out and then find out if they are right. It’s like a science experiment with no messy clean up! 

I am all about choices (within reason, I’m no short order cook) and Netflix gives my kids choices and let’s them experience what it’s like to be the boss (if only for an hour or two!) What will your next Netflix adventure include? It’s nice, after so many hours behind the wheel, to let them be in the driver seat for once – and they don’t even have to leave the sofa to experience it! 

Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix StreamTeam and our family receives perks for sharing our viewing habits with you. That being said, all opinions (and hours spent behind the wheel and on the sofa watching movies) are mine! 

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