5 Netflix Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes #StreamTeam

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Netflix Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

Netflix Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes

Can you believe it’s Halloween already? I swear school just started yesterday! If your kids (or you) are anything like mine, as of 9am this morning they still hadn’t made up their mind what they wanted to dress up as for trick or treating. We keep a pretty well stocked dress up bin in our house (thank you $5 Costco costumes!) and there are so many great DIY tutorials out there (thank you Pinterest), that we don’t need to plan months in advance any more. So courtesy of Netlix and Pinterest, I bring out my 5 Favourite Netflix Inspired DIY Halloween Costumes!  

Despicable Me on Netflix

1. Despicable Me: Whether you want to dress up as Margo, Gru or the ever popular Minions, these tutorials will get you set in no time!

Spiderman on Netflix

2. Spider-Man: Superheros are a classic costume choice, and Pinterest is full of no sew options for those of us who aren’t so craftily inclined. 

The Smurfs on Netflix

3. The Smurfs: This basic smurf costume tutorial can be accessorized to be any smurf you want! 

TMNT on Netflix

4. Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles: My favourite thing about these DIY’s is that there is one for every family member. Girls, boys, babies, adults, no one is left behind!

Star Wars Clone Wars on Netflix

5. Star Wars – Clone Wars: I can’t imagine anything cuter than a whole team of little clones troopers.

Find the above and more awesome Neflix Inspired DIY Costume ideas on my Pinterest board, and be sure to tell me in the comments what your kids dressed up for this Halloween!  Happy Trick or Treating! 

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