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A Letter To My Younger Self

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Letter To My Younger Self

Inspired by letters written by current Netflix featured stars to their younger selves, I felt compelled to write one of my own. I thought back to my younger days and tried to think of what advice really could have made a difference.

I carefully considered all the things I’ve learned since I was young and naive, now that I’m slightly-less-young and hopefully-not-as-naive. We are all a work in progress, but it’s always helpful to have a map on a journey and this letter is my attempt at cartography to the younger me who was on a journey to becoming this me. 

Dear Younger Me, 

You might not believe it, but I’ve been where you are. I have some words that will help you weather the more difficult days ahead and make better sense of your reality now. The good news is, it all works out in the end. I thought I would get that part out of the way right away, because if you are worried, ultimately, you are happy and your hair is also pretty darn good. 

Beyond all that, I think this is what you need to hear right now. Read it more than once if you have to.  Commit it to memory. Etch the words into your brain, because this is what you need to know. 

You’re not fat. You’re not even close to fat. When you’re thirty you will wish you were as “fat” as you think you are, but you will also feel way more comfortable in your skin. You are worth more than the sum of the weight of the parts of your body and even still, your body is enough. You are enough. Trust me.  I’m reminded of this epic scene from Eat Pray Love about not hating yourself and just buying a pair of bigger jeans. Watch it when it comes out. It’s going to resonate. 

Consider carefully who your true friends are. Don’t let the opinions of others sway you. People your own age don’t have it all figured out either so don’t let anyone tell you that they know better how you should live your life. Believe in yourself. Think for yourself, because you are well equipped to handle this and every situation. You’ve got this and the people who get you will stick around no matter what decisions you make. Find your person, your people. This smart Dr. Christina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy describes what makes someone “your person”


We should also discuss your wardrobe. One day you are going to realize the pinnacle of fashion is NOT a GAP  hoodie and overalls. It’s also not oversized khaki pants and skater shoes. I know, it’s shocking, but it’s the truth. We can do better, and we will do better. I know we hate shopping but we are going to get some help.


Keep smiling, keep dreaming and keep believing!

Older and Wiser Me Who Doesn’t Own Any Overalls And Is Perfectly Cool With That


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