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15 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Every Kid Will Love – 2016 Edition

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winter birthday party ideas

I had so much fun writing my Winter Birthday Party Ideas post last year, and had many requests for an update, so here it is! It might be cold outside, but winter birthday parties can still warm you up for an afternoon of fun. People often think winter babies (especially those born in December) got the short end of the birthday stick , but while winter festivities can take a little bit more planning, they are certainly worth the effort and we always have so much fun! The weather outside might be frightful, but your winter birthday party can still be delightful. Here are some of my favourite ideas: 

15 Winter Birthday Party Ideas

  1. For the Aspiring Cheerleader – Think cheerleading is all pom moms and big smiles? Think again. If you have a child who loves dance or gymnastics, cheerleading is a fun, unique option for your active kid. A cheer birthday party is an awesome opportunity to get your child and their friends moving and rooting for each other. Vancouverites: A birthday party at Absolute Cheer in North Vancouver includes a warm-up, games, acrobatic stunting and gymnastics fun with catering options too! An great option for young kids up to teens.
  2. For the Space Lover – Does your child love to learn abou the planets and the solar system? Is twinkle twinkle little star a favourite in your house? Birthday parties can be educational opportunities to explore science, technology and the final frontier: space. Your local planetarium is a great way to make your party an intergalactic success. Vancouverites: You might consider a birthday party at the H.R. McMillan Space Centre that includes a guided activity and admission to the facility for the day. 
  3. For the Artist – You can nurture your child’s love of arts and crafts with a party full of creative expression. Your budding Michaelangelo will enjoy the chance to get messy and make something they can show off. Across Canada: 4 Cats parties boast an array of options including splatter painting, sculpting and clay activities – you can even splatter paint glow-in-the-dark. Watch your child light up with the chance to make art. 
  4. For the Budding Chef – There is nothing more fun than squishing dough between fingers, watching it rise in the oven and tasting a creation your child made all by themselves. A cooking party is a great way to explore culinary pursuits. Vancouverites: The Dizzy Whisk – Vancouver & Lower Mainland takes over your kitchen and lets your child and their friends create a memorable main course and dessert option for their big day. It might be cold outside, but the ovens and treats are toasty warm.  
  5. For the History Buff – If your child enjoys stories featuring knights, lords and ladies, castles and fire breathing dragons, a medieval themed party will be make their big day history! Reenact classic battles, learn about the past and make fun in the now. Vancouverites: Academie Duello offers the chance to learn swordplay, heraldry, quarterstaff and even the chance to have their own tournament. Everybody wins with this blast from the past. 
  6. For the Future Architect – More fun than stepping on Lego, this party idea can get your kids building their own fun with their favourite bricks. It’s easy to put the pieces together to this Lego theme, whether it’s at home watching the Lego movie and building kits or at a facilitated party at a Lego loving facility. Vancouverites: Bricks 4 Kidz features Lego themed games, builds or even their own customized minifigures. 
  7. For the Young Wizard – Does your kid wish he could go to Hogwarts? You can cast a spell on all of his friends with a Harry Potter themed party. You could even do some science experiments and mix up some potions. Vancouverites: Young Wizard Academy has some fun wizard themed festivities. 
  8. For the Beauty Queen – For the child who always wants to look her best, consider a spa party. Manicures, pedicures and gooey face masks are fun beauty rituals they can partake in with their friends. Nothing says girl bonding time like a mani-pedi and some sliced cucumbers on the eyes. Vancouverites: LimeGirl has a range of mobile party themes for the beauty enthusiast in your home. 
  9. For the Pirate Lover- Is it a pirate’s life for your child? If he would rather walk the plank than have a different theme for his party, there are lots of fun things you can do to bring the high seas to the festivities. Follow a map to buried treasure and a birthday party adventure. Vancouverites: The Maritime Museum has facilitated parties that will appeal to the little captain in your crew, with a party space for cake and all the pirate’s booty.
  10. For the Sweet Tooth – Does your child crave something sweet? Escape the chilly winter air while decorating cookies or cupcakes. You can sprinkle in all sorts of fun for your child’s big day and take a bite out of winter boredom. Vancouverites (and Torontonians): Cupcakes has games for the kids of all ages and lots of cupcake decorating fun. Your day will be an edible masterpiece. 
  11. For the Zen Kid: A party full of child’s pose is child’s play with a little planning. Warm up from the weather with your hands in heart centre and your feet on the mat. Sun salutations are a great way to chase away the winter blues. Vancouverites: Yogabuttons offers yoga birthday parties for kids in every theme imaginable. 
  12. For the Bowling Enthusiast: Want to be bowled over with fun? Consider taking the kids to a bowling alley. There will be fun to “spare” and everyone can be a winner (but you don’t really have to keep score!) Ask for bumpers if your people are especially small and avoid the disappointment of a gutter ball. Vancouverites: Grandview Lanes offers food, bowling lanes and shoes – even glow in the dark bowling if that would brighten your kid’s big day.  
  13. For the Future Police Officer – You have the right to remain joyful! A justice themed birthday party allows your child to explore themes of good and evil and the thrill of the chase. Let your birthday child save the day, warm and dry away from the elements. Vancouverites: The Vancouver Police Museum has parties that let your child attend a mini police academy or explore the science of forensics. Your kid’s birthday can be a whodunit of fun! 
  14. For the Day Dreamer: What’s warmer on a cold day than a hot cup of tea? Host a tea party for your mad hatter and their little sidekicks and explore the imagery of a much loved fairy tale. Vancouverites: Book a high tea at the Neverland  Tea Salon and drink in all the fun of an all-inclusive birthday party experience. 
  15. For the Sports Fan: Does your child live for the big game and trade baseball cards instead of pokemon cards? Consider an indoor sports themed party – including relay races or athletic themed crafts. Vancouverites: You’ll have a ball at the BC Sports Hall of Fame – where they can stand on the 2010 Olympic podium for a medal-worthy experience including scavenger hunts. If you pick their 4-6 time slot, you get the place all to yourself for the final hour for an exclusive feel to your big day. 

Do you have a winter baby in your family? Tell me, what are your favourite winter birthday party ideas?

All on the table disclosure: This post was generously sponsored by Absolute Cheer & Tumbling in North Vancouver. Learn more about their birthday parties, cheer and tumbling programs, and more by checking out their website, following them on Facebook,  Instagram and Twitter.

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