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An Ode to Strong Women On Screen

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I’m always encouraged by the portrayal of strong women in movies. There’s nothing more encouraging and inspiring than watching women making their dreams come true and making a difference in the world. So often women in groups are portrayed to be catty and ineffective so watching a “girl gang” in action can feel empowering. Together, we ARE stronger.Project-MC2

I love the kind of movies that remind me there are big challenges ahead but all I need to do is fix my pony tail and get stuff done. Movies that awaken my inner champion inspire me to succeed in other areas of my life. I love the momentum of a girl power movie that gets me off the couch and into the world in a big way in my business, in my family and in my relationships. Strong women on screen help me believe in myself.


Movies that portray varied interests and hobbies for girls give me hope for my own girls, that they can grow up knowing that they can do anything they want to. I hate how toy stores have “boy” and “girl” aisles – I don’t want to lose my daughters under a crush of pink unless that’s truly what they want for themselves. I want them to have options in how they play and in how they see themselves in the world. 


I enjoy movies that show women as effective, competent and self-determined. I am so glad that the movie choices on Netflix have moved past the damsel in distress stuff that is just so tired and outdated. There are just so many options to see girl power in action. I want my daughters to grow up knowing they can kick butt and I want the media messages they are exposed to to reinforce that message. 


Most of all, I love movies that put female characters as part of the action, and not just passive observers. Women are a driving force and I want to see movies that celebrate our power, swinging from vines, exploring our world, and most of all, being strong. 


Strong women on screen help me raise strong women in the world. Grab some popcorn friends, with what my daughters will achieve, you’re in for a show! 

All on the table disclosure: I am a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam program, and receive special perks for sharing all my family’s favourites with you, dear reader. I was not financially compensated for this post. See full disclosure statement here.  

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