Holiday Family Travel Entertainment Problems Solved! #StreamTeam

Heather van Mil2554 views

Holiday travel doesn’t have to be a nightmare before Christmas – but you can watch other holiday favourites like it while you’re travelling. Thanks to the holiday magic of Netflix downloads, holiday entertainment isn’t anything you need to wait until you have wifi to unwrap. Waiting is the hardest part of the season, after all. Waiting for presents. Waiting for connecting flights. Waiting to open the next advent calendar box. Waiting for Santa to come. Waiting for the turkey to cook. Waiting for your husband to get home from buying more tape from the store because you ran out on Christmas eve. So much waiting.

With Netflix downloads, it’s also easy to get your hands on fun; it’s so much less complicated than remembering to move that Elf around (who came up with that anyways? I mean, really, we’ve got enough going on.) There are so many things that can make the holidays challenging, finding entertainment on the road  (or in the air or on a boat or on a train or even on Santa’s sleigh) doesn’t have to be challenging at all. Whether you’re headed across the street to visit with the neighbours or across the country or around the world to go home for Christmas, you can bring some entertainment along with you for the ride.

The other great thing about Netflix downloads is that it’s nothing like being stuck at the kid’s table for your teen and tweens. There are tons of age appropriate entertainment options so they aren’t bored by little kid shows and yet they also aren’t exposed to more adult content than they are ready for. It’s just right, no matter what the age group. Just press play on holiday fun and enjoy the ride! 


Disclosure: We receive fun perks from Netflix in exchange for sharing our viewing habits with you, but all opinions are my own. 




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